Convolution and Convenience

When we set ourselves out to conceptualize our first ever Bike, we quickly realized how paramount convenience is.

At Convolution, we have always had a penchant for lighter bikes with performance-driven geometry. We took our light weight obsession to a new level by coupling a lighter frame with state-of-the-art equipment.

However, in the midst of this process, we observed how different every individual is, anatomically and literally. We went back to the drawing board, Intending to make riding more comfortable than ever. This is when we rethought the whole process of designing a bike.

A customized Bike as per every individual’s body and weight would take comfort to a different level.

Ergonomics study and user concentric design

You define your ride!

We at Convolution feel that every customer is unique and special. Our sales team is well trained to do a proper bike fit for you and guide you through entire process. We are mass manufacturing of the customization.

Bike building is as much about developing a ride feel, as it is about aerodynamics and use of materials. At convolution, we help create a bike that’s ingeniously you; a Bike you develop a relationship with; a bike you are effortlessly comfortable with.

Material – Matter that Matters!

Best materials for the best people!

Adding the Carbon in a bike is removing it from air: We believe that, lighter, stiffer and aesthetically beautiful bike can be ridden every day.

Carbon composite holds the key to make sure your bike is stiffer, more responsive on turning roads; but could be lighter than steel. We are constantly evolving and trying to make sure that we get the best materials.

Our aluminum frames are no exception, with top-of-the-line aerospace-grade aluminum, we guarantee that your ride will be smooth and fast. Smooth welding joints and special hydro-formed sections have helped us to achieve the strength and stiffness required to help you.

Geographic study

History can be changed but not Geography!

For us, inspiration for product design comes from the terrain and conditions it is going to be used.  It is important to know where the bike will be a ride and what are the riding condition. 

Convolution makes sure the product gets tested in local condition and makes changes to the bike to more adaptable to those conditions.

Technology driven brand

Technology must be adopted!

Best in class manufacturing processes to get the perfect bike. At Convolution we use sophisticated CAD and analytical tools to design the bike that will be the part of your life for long period. We make sure that all our manufacturing partners are also constantly testing every component we choose for you. All the results we get through lab testing are then confirmed by our team of professional riders. This helps us to further improve our processes.