The Ultimate Fusion of Technology & Comfort CS1: India's First Carbon SeatPost

Discover the future of cycling comfort with Convolution’s CS1 Carbon Seatpost. Engineered with revolutionary RCRP technology and crafted from premium T800 carbon, the CS1 is India’s first locally made carbon seatpost, designed to transform your ride with unmatched comfort and precision. Experience the blend of top-tier quality, innovative design, and perfect fit, all tailored for the Indian cyclist. Elevate your cycling journey with Convolution’s commitment to excellence.

About CS1

Equipped with the advanced RCRP technology, the Convolution CS1 Carbon Seatpost is a testament to engineering excellence, tailor-made for the discerning cyclist. Featuring a 25 mm setback, the seatpost is constructed from high-quality T800 carbon, finished with a 3K satin sheet that not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also its durability and strength. The clamps, meticulously crafted from Al alloy, undergo a die-casting process for precise fitment, coupled with anodization to ward-off corrosion. This seatpost isn’t just a component; it’s a fusion of functionality and elegance, designed to enhance your riding experience.

The CS1 stands out for its exceptional adjustability and comfort. It incorporates a durable universal clamping design equipped with a knurled micro-adjustment screw, allowing for finer adjustments tailored to individual comfort preferences. The clamps, designed with a vise-like grip, ensure easy guidance of the saddle rail, enabling seamless adjustments. What truly sets the CS1 apart is its lower clamping profile and high tensile SS bolts, which are engineered to offer better lateral stiffness and vibration damping. This not only adds to the seatpost’s robustness but also significantly increases ride comfort, making every journey on your bike more enjoyable and comfortable.